• frontiers | smallholder oil palm production in the peruvian

    Frontiers | Smallholder Oil Palm Production in the Peruvian

    Apr 26, 2019 · This paper examines how different smallholder modes of production have emerged in the largest oil palm producing region of the Peruvian , Ucayali, and presents a typology of these arrangements. The socio-economic outcomes of these modes are analyzed using a survey of 200 smallholders and 14 months of participant observation.

  • smallholder oil palm production in the peruvian

    Smallholder Oil Palm Production in the Peruvian

    Smallholders play a major role in the expansion of oil palm as a global commodity crop. Yet outside of Southeast Asia, there is limited research on how it impacts smallholder live

  • frontiers | the future of wild mammals in oil palm landscapes

    Frontiers | The Future of Wild Mammals in Oil Palm Landscapes

    Oct 11, 2019 · In the Peruvian , Gutiérrez-Vélez et al. (2011) assessed the area deforested by industrial-scale high-yield oil palm expansion between 2000 and 2010, finding that 72% of new plantations expanded into forested areas. New oil palm frontiers should occur in degraded ecosystems, with adequate soils, local governance and without the ...

  • the political ecology of oil palm company-community

    The Political Ecology of Oil Palm Company-Community

    This paper describes the social, political and deforestation impact of an oil palm CCP at the forest frontier in the Peruvian . An interdisciplinary and mixed methods research approach was employed, including long-term ethnographic work and visual measurement remote sensing of land use change on 2447 hectares of smallholder land in four villages/communities.

  • investing in deforestation-free production in the peruvian

    Investing in Deforestation-Free Production in the Peruvian

    activities, including cocoa, coffee, palm oil and cattle production, are responsible for 90 percent of deforestation in the . Deforestation, however, is highly fragmented and generally occurs in scattered land units of areas smaller than five hectares managed by small- and medium-sized producers.

  • oil frontiers and indigenous resistance in the peruvian

    Oil frontiers and indigenous resistance in the Peruvian

    Dec 15, 2010 · As the world economy uses more energy and oil, gas, coal, copper, bauxite, palm oil, paper pulp and other raw materials, the commodity frontiers advance into the Peruvian as in other territories undermining the conditions of livelihood and the very existence of peripheral peoples, who complain accordingly (Martínez-Alier, 2002).

  • sustainable palm oil production in peru

    Sustainable Palm Oil Production in Peru

    Boosting forest-friendly palm oil production in Peru Palm oil and its by-products are ubiquitous as an ingredient in food, cosmetics and household products, appearing in over 50% of products on supermarket shelves. Its usefulness has led to rapidly increasing global demand, and palm oil is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Most of the production of oil palm tree fruit, the raw material

  • a political ecology of oil palm in the peruvian

    A Political Ecology of Oil Palm in the Peruvian

    ia is widely considered the new frontier for investment in oil palm cultivation in Latin America, with more than half of its forest area suitable for production. In Peru, almost 1.5

  • a new frontier: oil palm in the peruvian  - oxford

    A new frontier: Oil palm in the Peruvian - Oxford

    Mar 16, 2018 · The Peruvian Government estimates that at least a further 600,000 hectares of the country’s rainforest is ‘apt’ for oil palm, but it is already the third largest agricultural driver ...

  • corporate-corporate boycotts could be an important driver of

    Corporate-corporate boycotts could be an important driver of

    Nov 22, 2018 · However, somewhere between 50%-60% of global palm oil is produced by families on small farms (smallholders). Currently, much of this smallholder production is domestic.

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