After oil pressing process or oil solvent extraction process, we get crude edible oil. However, the crude edible oil can’t eat and sell to the market. The crude edible oil must be processed with edible oil refinery plant.Edible Oil Refinery Plant can remove the components of crude edible oil which may have negative effects on taste, stability, appearance or nutritional value. To the extent possible, processing should preserve tocopherols and prevent chemical changes in the triacyglycerols.

Crude edible oil obtained from Oil Expeller or oil solvent extraction machine contains foreign impurities such as mucilage, gums, coloured & unfiltered proteinous matter from the seed. Also Free Fatty Acids (F.F.A.) which tend to deteriorate the oil on storage, thus making it unfit for vegetable purpose.

Edible Oil Refinery Plant designed by Henan DoIng Company Machinery has the follow features:
Our edible oil refinery plant makes the oil pure, edible, more palatable and stable against rancidity upon storage. Our neutralizers are equipped with coils provided for efficient heating of the oil along with stirrers inside it. The bleaching section consists of high quality vacuum bleacher which removes all the impurities. And the continuous type well designed tray type multi-stage deodorizer vessel is robustly constructed to give the excellent refining results.
Edible Oil Refinery Plant Refining Process Flow Chart:

The edible oil refinery process consists of following section
1.Neutralizing Section
First stage of edible oil refinery plant is to remove Free Fatty Acids (F.F.A.) with caustic soda treatment called Neutralizing Process, thereafter further processed in the bleaching section under vacuum & treated with bleaching earth & activated carbon for removing colour. Finally it will be deodorized under high vacuum and high temperature to remove the odour from the oil.

2.Bleaching Section
The Oil received from previous stages contains traces of soap, iron and few ppm of Phospholipids and Carotenes. These contents are undesirable and required to be removed in Bleaching Operation, Henan Doing Company Steam Agitated Bleacher comprises of an acid treatment, a separate Oil and Earth Mixing Device with Mechanical Mixer (this arrangement ensures no carryover of bleaching earth into vacuum system), main bleaching vessel and Hermetic Filters.

3.Deodorizing Section.
Physical Refining process is used to remove FFA (Free Fatty Acid) in edible oil refinery plant, using Steam Distillation method at high temperature and under high vacuum and it is followed by Deodorisation and an extra technical facility is added before deodorisation for removal of free fatty acid.

Deodorisation process is used to remove unacceptable odour by Steam Distillation, the Odoriferous Compound are strip off with the help of live injected steam into heated oil under high vacuum.

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